In order to Become Chartered member:

1. The candidate have to Pass/Exempt status in all Parts of CFIA;

2. Have to score 80% marks in each Part;

3. The candidate has to provide the correct answers of at least 80% MCQs;

4. If the candidate scores more than 80% in non exempted parts;The result will be published;

5. Result will be published in Candidate account within 3-5 business days of appearing the exam;

6. If candidate Clears all Parts either through examination or on Exemption basis, Chartered status will updated in member account;

7. The chartered members now will have right to use the designation of CFIA;

8. Chartered members will receive the certificate from CIFIAN after becoming certified ;

9. If the candidate fails to score 80% marks in each Part, candidate need to reappear in that Part.The candidate can reappear for the Part by paying the fee of CAD 50/Part.